Sencor Vacuum Sealer- 110w 60x355x155mm


Sencor Vacuum Sealer- 110w 60x355x155mmSVS 1010WH

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Description:The vacuum sealer will easily keep food fresh and preserve its quality
Extends storage life by up to five times
Vacuum sealing food enables retaining all nutrients and original aroma of fresh food
Prevents food from drying out / losing liquid
Very easy and intuitive controls. Every program is activated by pressing one button.
Option to only vacuum
Anti-slip feet hold appliance firmly in place for safe operation
Option to connect hose for external suction of vacuum seal boxes, bottles, etc.
Hose is included
Basic set of professional channel sealer films included
Seals with a strong 2 mm air-tight seal
Insulates food against unpleasant odours in the refrigerator or freezer
LED indicators
Resettable thermal fuse preventing overheating
Food stored in bags can Be heated and defrosted
Compatible with multiple types of films
Suitable for
Storing Food in a Refrigerator of Freezer
Marinating Food in Vacuum
Sous-Vide Cooking
Included Contents: Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Hose, 5 Vacuum Sealer Bags 20x30cm, 1 Vacuum Film 20x200cm
Weight: 1.27kg
Dimensions: 65x355x155mm
Power Input: 110W
Mains Power Supply
Compressor Output: 12L / Min | -0.8Bar
Maximum Roll and Film Width: 30cm