Terms & Conditions

Chg, Triq Marija Bambina

Xaghra, Gozo Malta

XRA 22020

Tel: 27041399

email: [email protected]

Warranty Terms and Conditions of all products brought from Cini Holdings:


  1. The product has been checked and is free from defects in design, material and workmanship
  2. This product is not intended for commercial or salon use.
  3. Product are warranted against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a minimum warranty period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.
  4. This warranty is not transferable to third parties
  5. The following are not covered by the warranty:
  6. Damage to plastic or plastic mechanism including plastic hinges
  7. Damage that was apparent or that the purchaser could have reasonable discovered at the time of purchase
  8. Damage caused by misuse or wrongful installation
  9. Damage caused by acts of god. E.g, fire, flood, dirt, lightning, theft, etc
  10. Damage caused by normal wear and tear or by excessive force or use of metallic objects on electronics
  11. Damage caused by using hard water (TAP WATER) including corrosion on element, corrosion on stainless steel or bad taste
  12. Damage caused by spillage of food and liquid
  13. Damage done by wrong usage of electrical supply or voltage. This includes damage done by overvoltage
  14. Damaged caused by tampering and servicing the product by an unauthorized person
  15. Cosmetic damage, damage or loss to any software programs, data or removable media
  16. Consumables/batteries, body/plastic parts, rubber/seals, glass/brushes/bearings, bulbs and halogen tubes
  17. Should the product or any part of it result to be defective within the period mentioned in clause 3 of this warranty, the said product will be repaired or replaced without charge provided the following conditions are met
  18. The purchaser must present a readable fiscal receipt/ invoice together with this warranty document
  19. The purchaser must have purchased the product in Malta and Gozo from an authorized dealer.
  20. The warranty is applicable only if the product has been purchased in Malta and Gozo
  21. Depending on the type of defect and product, Cini Holdings Co ltd must repair within reasonable time or replace the product. This must not exceed 2 months from the time the product is returned to the authorized dealer. Should the product become discontinued, a similar product or a depreciated credit note will be given to the client.